Giambrone and the ‘Jewel of the Sea’

Liability insurers’ exposure to s51 non-party costs orders: Various Claimants v AIG (Europe) Limited [2019] EWHC 34 (QB)

In what circumstances is a liability insurer, standing behind a defendant to litigation, vulnerable to a non-party costs order in the claimant’s favour under section 51 of the Senior Courts Act 1981? In May of 2018, the…

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Travelers Insurance Company v XYZ [2018] EWCA Civ 1099: non-party costs order against Insurers where underlying claims uninsured

In Travelers v XYZ the Court of Appeal upheld an order made pursuant to s.51 of the Senior Courts Act 1980 (“Section 51”) requiring Travelers to pay costs incurred by claimants pursuing claims against its insured. Travelers…

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